24/10/2020 : 1+M Genomes Infosession

On 24th November , we organized an info-session on both EC initiatives and also invited representatives of key organization on various aspects of genomics in health and society to share their views.

As indicated by the EC partners, a ‘mirror group’ needs to be installed in each country in order to enable full outreach of the 1+M genomes to all stakeholders and parties in this initiative.

In Belgium, it was agreed that the coordination of the initiative would be a joint action between Health and Research and the secretariat of the process would be managed by Sciensano. Marc Van den Bulcke (Sciensano) will cover Health aspects, Kathleen D’Hondt (EWI, Vl) and Sophie Peeterbroeck (SPW-EER,WAL) will cover Research and Innovation.

We will in the coming weeks launch a request for ‘Expression of Interest’ to a broad audience to establish the ‘mirror group’ as truly reflecting the interest in Belgium for this initiative.

Szymon Bielecki (EC DG Connect): 1+M genomes project

Serena Scollen (ELIXIR): The B1MG project

Christian Léonard (Sciensano): Genomics and Society

• Herman Van Oyen: EC Health data space initiatives - Health data for research

• Diether Lambrechts  (KULeuven-VIB): Genomics research in cancer

• Elfride De Baere  (UGhent-College of Genetics): Genomics and rare disease: a HC reality today?

Annelies Flameygh  (Superior High Council): Population genomics: future perspectives