'Europe's Beating Cancer Plan' Belgian Mirror Group.

With the support of the Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health, the Belgian Cancer Centre at Sciensano wants to establish the Belgian EBCP Mirror Group which aims to align the efforts of the main stakeholders and ensure optimal use of the opportunities offered by the variety of EU funding. Ultimately, the aim is to benefit the health care system, and improve the health and well-being of cancer patients and survivors in Belgium.



EBCP Belgian Mirror Group : Projects

EBCP Belgian Mirror Group : Thematic Working Groups

Mirror group EBCP Belgian Mirror Group : Thematic Working Groups
  1. Prevention, early detection and screening
  2. Diagnosis and Treatment
  3. Care and Care organisation (including palliative and psycho-social care)
  4. Rehabilitation and socio-professional integration
  5. Patient and citizen engagement
  6. Quality of life
  7. Children, adolescents and young adults with cancer
  8. Artificial intelligence
  9. Cancer research

EBCP Belgian Mirror Group : Concept Note