COSPCC : Conséquences Obstétricales du (Sur)traitement des Précurseurs du Cancer du Col utérin

COSPCC: Conséquences Obstétricales du (Sur)traitement des Précurseurs du Cancer du Col utérin

To assess the conditions that determine the oncological (treatment failure or success) and obstetrical outcomes (preterm birth, low birth weight, …) after treatment of CIN.  In particular, the relation between the dimensions of the excision specimen (depth/height, diameter, absolute volume, volume relative to the cervix) and the risk of preterm birth will be studied.  To do this, a meta-analysis of individual patient data will be performed.

Collaboration with Inca

Artikel :

Adverse obstetric outcomes after local treatment for cervical preinvasive and early invasive disease according to cone depth: systematic review and meta-analysis

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