ECHoS : Establishing of Cancer Mission Hubs: Networks and Synergies

Work Programme : HORIZON Europe

Type of Action : CSA Coordination Support Action

Budget : 6M euro 

Project duration : May 2023 - May 2026 (3 years)

Lead Coordinator : AICIB, Portugal

Contact :, Marc Van Den Bulcke, Gordana Raicevic Toungouz, Hélène Antoine-Poirel, Marie Delnord (WP5 Future EU network of National Cancer Mission HUBs – Design Study)

Domain / Area : Prevention, Early detection & Screening, Diagnosis & Treatment, Care & Care organization, Rehabilitation, Quality of Life, Inequalities, Paediatric cancers, AI, Research


► 9 December: Proposal was positively evaluation and received a Grant

Main objectives

The primary aim of ECHoS (Establishing of Cancer Mission Hubs: Networks and Synergies) is to support the implementation of the Cancer Mission activities in all member states and associated countries through the establishment and development of Cancer Mission Hubs operating at national, regional and local levels.

To help delivering Cancer Mission, ECHoS has defined equally ambitious set of general and specific objectives:

  1. To promote the creation of National Cancer Mission Hubs in MS/AC
  2. To establish a network of support to advance Cancer Mission across Europe
  3. To create synergies for the implementation of the Cancer Mission with other European initiatives towards a “Cancer in all” approach
  4. To create the foundations for a European network of NCMHs by developing a business continuity and operations model framework



  • + 57 partners
  • 26 Countries

Sciensano participation: leader of WP5 - Future EU network of National Cancer Mission HUBs – Design Study


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